Frequently Asked Questions Here you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most!

How do I book for camp?

You e-mail and from there we will liaise with you throughout the booking process and preparatory process. All details can be found on our ‘How to Book’ page.

What information will I get ahead of camp?

You will be sent a brochure which will give a flavour of camp, a kit list, terms & conditions as well as testimonials from previous campers. We call you personally to answer any questions you may have prior to camp starting.

How does my child get safely from the airport or train station to camp?

We ensure that your child is picked up from either Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh Waverley train station. Once you have confirmation of your arrival details we will ensure you are well informed of the designated meeting point. Our staff will have bright Summer Camp Scotland t-shirts and identity lanyards. We will confirm with parents/guardians of safe arrival. It is a short transfer to camp with minimal cost attached.

How do I know my child is in safe hands?

Child safety is at the heart of everything we do. We have a handpicked team designed to meet the needs of all campers. The team includes key staff, house parents, pastoral staff and activity specialists. At Summer Camp Scotland our staff are all qualified and experienced who work year round in education. We appoint a number of specialist staff who are highly qualified through governing bodies in their respective disciplines. All of our staff undertake Summer Camp training, which includes safeguarding and have been fully government checked through Disclosure Scotland Police checks.

Do I need to provide insurance?

You will need to purchase travel insurance and ensure your personal items (Phone, I-Pad etc.) carry suitable insurance. We have 24/7 access to free emergency medical care in the unlikely event we need to use it. The Summer Camp is fully insured through Protectivity Insurance Ltd. Details can be provided on request.

What kind of food will I expect?

You can expect a variety of options at each of the meal times. Students will have a buffet breakfast, lunch and evening meal. We will also provide in house snacks as well as kitchen facilities for the students should they wish to use it. The catering team caters for all dietary requirements. You will have the opportunity to inform us prior to arrival.

What are the rooming arrangements?

Fettes College has a range of boarding houses each with unique characteristics. Male and female students will have separate floors which include all bathroom and shower facilities. Privacy is paramount and restrictions on campers movement within the house will be made clear by our house parents. We have a range of rooms (single, twin, multi-bed) and will do our best to accommodate any individual requests.

Will I need spending money?

Yes, however it is difficult to give an exact amount. The camp is all inclusive, however students may wish to bring spending money which is typically spent on extra snacks and gifts.

How much down time do I get?

Students will be busy during lots of the week but we recognise that downtime is important for socialising and relaxation. You will notice that downtime is built into our ‘typical day’ schedule.

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