Why Summer Camp Scotland 2018 Could Change You

Why Summer Camp Scotland 2018 Could Change You

You are back to school and summer may seem ages away but Scotland 2018 could be a real game changer.

Why let our American and Canadian friends across the pond have all the summer camp fun? Recently voted the most beautiful country in the world, Scotland is home to rugged landscapes, breath-taking scenery and a culture to be proud of. Who doesn’t want to witness a red headed, haggis eating, kilt wearing Scotsman tossing the caber and playing the bagpipes simultaneously?

With our camp based in Edinburgh, the number one festival city in the world coupled with the fact that we stay at Fettes College, the inspiration for Hogwarts Castle you are sure to be in for a cultural treat.

Not only will you embrace the ‘Auld Reekie’ (Edinburgh) but you will also meet some pretty awesome people who will turn into friends for life. Sharing the cultural and sporting experiences that our camp offers will strengthen the bonds that you form with your new friends. Even though most of you will part ways at the end of camp you will create memories to last a lifetime, stay in touch and maybe even plan trips around the world to visit each other.

At Summer Camp Scotland we can guarantee you that you will try something that you have never done before and take it on like a champ! Whether it is a sport that is new to you or a cultural experience that you are part of, we know you will develop a ‘get stuck in’ attitude and do it all with a smile and of course a kilt…

Summer Camp Scotland may be your first summer abroad or a dream you have wanted to fulfil for a lifetime. Why not make it come true and sign up for a truly unforgettable summer.

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